Gucci. Fendi. Prada.

Outdoor runway that we passed by!

In front of the duomo. Beware of the birds!!!
Right before indulging in the Chinese buffet
Lobby of the Four Seasons

The weekend following our Umbria field trip a group of us went to Milan for fashion week. On Friday, Becca, Emma, Megan, Spencer, Mess, and I trained from Roma Termini to Milano Centrale. It was our first ride on a fast train. I loved it. As it was February in Milan it was quite cold when we got there yet we still wanted to be fashion forward in our outfits. Since we weren’t dressed for the weather we were a tad chilly. We walked around touring the fashion districts and we got to see an outdoor runway. We had delicious Mexican for lunch that satisfied our cravings for non-Italian food. With high hopes of seeing Kim Kardashion and Kayne we had cocktails at the Four Seasons and dinner at STK Milan. In our route to the Four Seasons we walked past a couple after parties held in high end stores which was cool to see. At the Four Seasons we saw Carine Roitfeld who was the fashion editor for Harpers Bazar and we saw a couple models that’s Becca recognized at STK.

The next day we did a little shopping at a more affordable district. For lunch we again went for a different ethnic food and went to a Chinese buffet that was quite the experience. We hadn’t eaten since we ate breakfast that morning and shopped till we realized we were about to pass out so we put quite the hurting on the buffet. I think we ate in less than 15 minutes. We then said bye to Milan and hopped on a train to Lake Como.

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