Hot Diggity Dog, We’re in Prague

Prague, Chez Republic was the perfect destination for our first weekend trip away from Rome. It’s bohemian fairytale allure landed it a spot on my bucket list before I left the states so I was very excited for this trip. My travel companions for the weekend were Mess, Rebecca, Spencer, Abbi-Storm, and Miranda!

The flight was around 2 hours, then once we landed in Prague, we hopped on a bus for 9 stops then got on the metro for 6 stops. From the metro stop our airbnb was about an 8 min walk. The public transportation from the airport was cost and time efficient. Our airbnb was located in new town which was close to the metro, food, and shopping.

First let’s talk about Prague’s currency… NOT an easy conversion. 1 EUR equals 27.03 CZK. When we first approached an ATM it was terrifying because the amounts seemed so high. We made jokes about it being like monopoly money because it didn’t seem real. If you are going to be visiting Prague for a weekend anytime soon I suggest making a budget of how much you want to spend first, then convert it to CZK.

The number one thing you MUST eat in Prague is a Trdelník; a sweet, fire cooked, cylindrical cake of an addictive nature which is widely available from street vendors in tourist areas. It’s a much more delicious version of a cinnamon sugar pretzel. I recommend eating as much of these as possible while you are visiting. We did not discover them until halfway through, because Cinzia told us to eat the pretzels there and we were hunting for hot pretzels. To me, the food is not what makes Prague stand out although we did have some fantastic burgers at Sad Man’s Tongue Bar and Bistro. 10/10 would go back. Wonderful service, good beer, amazing burgers, and chill atmosphere. We met the owner who was friendly and accommodating. He was from the states… told us he moved to Prague for the beer and the women haha.

Prague’s Old Town Square was like a storybook with it’s beautiful baroque buildings and gothic churches. One of the most popular things to see in the Old Town Square is the medieval Astronomical Clock, which gives an animated hourly show. The clock was cool, but the hourly show was quite anti-climatic. Lots of people were crowded around every hour to watch a very lame show. It was neat that it was designed so long ago and still works.

Walking across the beautiful St. Charles Bridge and climbing to the top of the old watch tower on the other side were two of my favorite things. It was 5 EUR for the student ticket and totally worth it. It was a perfect 360 panoramic view of Prague. We also visited the John Lennon wall which was about a 10 min walk from the tower. The hike up the hill to see the Prague Castle is also worth it just make sure to grab a trdelník on your way up. We happened to be in the area right when the changing of the guards was taking place so that was neat.

At night we enjoyed Prague’s popular music and dance bars. Lucerna was my favorite. On Friday nights they have an 80’s and 90’s video party. It was a giant space with music videos playing all night with some of the best hits. Their playlist was great!! We had so much fun dancing. Tip for going out in Prague in February: even though its freezing outside dress light. We were sweating profusely.

Prague exceeded my expectations in every way and though it was a wonderful bohemian fairytale land, by the end of the weekend I was ready to go home to Ariccia.

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