Stepping Back in Time: Pompeii Ruins & Mt. Vesuvius

Pompeii is quite promiscuous.

We had an early start for this day trip… got on the Monti Bus at 6:30 am and headed for Naples. We arrived in Pompeii around 9 am. When I first stepped off the bus I was not impressed. The actual city of Pompeii is pretty gross, but the ruins were cool. It was an engrossing archaeological experience. The result of being buried underneath layers of volcanic ash is a remarkably well-preserved slice of ancient world. The ruins cover 161 acres, where we walked down Roman streets and saw the amphitheater, cafes, temples, and even a brothel. That was pretty disturbing honestly. The Romans were not exactly gentlemen. Recently the archaeological site has been seeing some damages due to rain, sunlight, and high levels of tourism. I am glad to have seen it before more of it deteriorates.

The next half of our day was spent climbing Mt. Vesuvius. this is the volcano that erupted in79 AD causing the death of 2000 people and the preservation of the ancient city. It was not a hard hike because we rode the bus up most of the way. That was quite an uneasy bus ride. At the top of the summit you could look into the volcanic crater on one side and the wonderful view on the other side. It was incredible to be above the clouds. Looking out you could also see the bay of Naples through the clouds.

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