Roma Grand Tour Day 2

On our second day drip into Rome, we began the day with the Non-Catholic cemetery. The weather was a little less than ideal today, but still not bad! It was just overcast and misty all day, but thankfully not too cold. The Non-Catholic cemetery is where the Pope had given land for the poets, artist, protests, etc. to be buried inside of the city walls instead of outside like they had in the past. The cemetery was very quiet compared to the other parts of the city. There was lots of greenery that contrasted with the old stone and marble. It was very pretty. Next, we went to Piazza del Popolo. This piazza includes one of the oldest entries into Rome, and a cool Egyptian obelisk. Mess, Melissa, and I decided on McDonald’s for lunch and had no shame in doing so. We were actually having cravings for something aside from pasta and pizza. PLUS it was cheap. I thought of my dad when I ordered from a kiosk instead of at the counter. I know you have no patience with kiosks Dad, but it did work quite efficiently (:

The last part of our tour today was going to the Vatican City to see Saint Peter’s Square and Basilica.We had the absolute best tour guide of the Basilica. She was so informative and entertaining. She was originally from Dallas, TX then moved to Italy when she was a kid. She spoke perfect Italian to Cinzia, then spoke perfect English to us… she even said “y’all”!! I’m amazed and jealous of her Italian skills. The Basilica itself was quite breathtaking. The letters across the top are 6 feet tall, which in perspective is insane. It is so massive and extremely intricate. Michelangelo’s Mary and Jesus sculpture was my favorite part. It is a very beautiful piece. The Swiss Guard’s were also very interesting. Their uniforms are pretty snazzy. After the tour of the Basilica, we had the option of climbing to the top of the Dome.  The last 300 stairs to the top was a tiny spiral staircase. It made me a little bit dizzy, but the view from the top was totally worth it. As we were leaving, the sun was setting and Saint Peter’s Square looked majestic. Another amazing day.

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  1. I love reading your blog! You are a gifted writer! The visit to McDonald’s cracked me up! Chubbs takes on Italy!! LOL!

  2. I am sure you handled the kiosk much better than your father 😂😂 love you ! Thanks for the new post ! Sounds like a fabulous day ! Love you! Mom

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