First Weekend: Feste del Cioccolato

For the first weekend we all decided to stay at the palace. It was the perfect time to catch up on sleep and enjoy the area around us. On Saturday morning we slept in and then Becca, Mess, and I went into Albano to shop. There was a huge sale going on and I got some fabulous shoes!!! As a shopping break we went into this adorable family owned bakery and got a cannoli. It was amazing. Probably one of the best sweets I’ve had so far.

After shopping we came back to the palace and got ready for the Feste del Cioccolato. It was in a town near Ariccia. The festival was small… there were white tents that only took up one square, but it was so cute. It was also delicious. I tried a white chocolate truffle, chocolate macaroon, and me and miranda shared a chocolate nutella waffle on a stick. It was super messy, but 100% worth it.

On Sunday, we got caught up on our homework for the week. Some of us went to a caffe that had much better wifi than the palace. The wifi at the palace is draining me haha. We got cappuccinos and croissants to accompany us of course. Schedule for week 2 in the link below!!!

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