Albano and the Catacombs

Today, I thought I would start my morning off by venturing out to cafe to order coffee on my own. I went to the bar with the sliding glass doors beside the Farmacia. I walk in ready to order just a simple “caffe” aka espresso, but then I got completely intimidated and just froze up. The italian man behind the counter was very sweet, and I just pointed to an item on the menu, cioccolate caldo. Well, turns out caldo means hot and I ordered hot chocolate. Definitely the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had, so I didn’t mind. Although, it was very CALDO, and it took me a while to stand by the counter and drink it. In Italy, it is not common serve take away cups. So I burnt my tongue trying to finish it as soon as I could because I was the only one not drinking espresso. All the locals around me came in, drank their espresso, and walked away within minutes. I’ll know for next time how to do it better. We had our first survival Italian class today, so hopefully when I try again in the morning it will go a little smoother. I already feel more confident after having one class. Our Italian teacher is awesome and speaks slower to us so it’s very helpful. It is fantastic that no one speaks much English in Ariccia, because it is the perfect environment to practice!

Today after class we went into Albano. It is the town across the bridge from Ariccia. It is bigger: more shopping and restaurants. Its a very nice city! I like to think of it as our little gem. Before we explored the city we had a tour of the Roman catacombs that are underneath a church in Albano. Catacombs are like an underground cemetery. Albano used to be a military town, so we were told this was a military cemetery. The way our tour guide said cemetery in english was so cute. Our tour guide also told us that the people that were buried in these catacombs were most likely Christians because the tombstone on the wall said “rest in peace”. The catacombs had some ancient artwork of Jesus and other saints. We were told these were discovered in 1678 AD.

We had apperitivo and dinner in Albano. This time I went to dinner with Spencer, Mess, Megan, and Emma. I had a pizza with white sauce, cheese, bacon, and potato slices. It was very good. We tried out what we learned in class and tried to have a conversation with the waiter. We think it paid off because he brought us dessert and prosecco (champagne) on the house!


  1. Anna! Fantastico on your efforts to speak Italian with the beautiful people there!! I’ll have to put Albano on my list of towns I want to see now! Great photos of the Catacombs and that one with the moon!! gotta love the “on the house” prosecco!”

  2. Looks like you are having so much fun! I absolutley love reading these posts! I bet the tour guide at the catacombs was precious! All the food looks yummy and the pics are great :). Love you!

  3. Just catching up on your blog! I love it, and learned learned some things I didn’t know. Anna’s locked suitcase…busted shampoo, etc. 😳 Never a dull moment with you girls. Praying for safe travels! Can’t wait for your next post!

  4. Anna my grace. Miss ya! Excited to hear of all your adventures. Keep learning and be safe. Your recent post = “my first weekend: feste del cioccolato” appears to not have actually posted? I can see the email about it but cannot pull it up on the actual website?

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