& we’re off!!!

Mess and I met up in the International terminal, said our heartfelt goodbyes, and we were ready to start our journey. Well, I hate to admit it, but things got off to a rough start. After a romantic, teary final goodbye hug from her fiance, Mess lost her marbles. We start going through security and she just can’t think. She sends her back pack through with her laptop… then as they are searching her bag she sees a note that Jack snuck in her backpack and the tears came again. She quickly recovers, because minutes after security we are riding down the escalators and I loose control of my 40 pound backpack that is tied on top of my carryon rolling suitcase. It tips over and crashes down the escalator. When we get to it at the bottom, I realize that my hot pink neck pillow had somehow gotten attached to another man’s bag. I aborted my bags to chase him down and ask him to detangle my pillow… #bless

Finally got on the plane, there was plenty of overhead storage for my carry on, and my backpack actually fit under my seat, things were beginning to shape up! We were settled in and ready to go. Then 30 minutes passed departure time, we realize that we were still not moving… 3 hours later still sitting on the plane NOT moving. Delta had a nationwide technology outage. WAHOO. By the time we took off, I was watching the credits of my first movie. This actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we landed a couple hours later giving us less time to have to fight giving in to jet lag.

we arrived around 12:40. Made it through customs, baggage claim, and walked to the hotel by 2:15 Italy time. We had so much luggage. 

After we had been in the room for a couple minutes, we decide to freshen up (because we smelled like sweat and airplane) and head into Rome via the free hotel shuttle. Mess goes over to her giant suitcase and in the process of opening it, she realizes it has been locked by someone who handled it in the airport. So here we are just exhausted and brain dead and she is locked out of her suitcase. Luckily she called the company and got it unlocked. Then of course she opens her carry on suitcase and her shampoo had busted everywhere. SERIOUSLY LOL. Finally, we got it together and made it on the 4:00 shuttle.

Our first taste of Rome was delicious!!! We walked around, went into some stores, and learned quickly that Italians don’t eat at 6:00. No restaurants were open yet, so we got pizza and wine from walk in stores called snack bars. We didn’t realize at the time that we were partaking in “Aperitivo” aka Italian happy hour. They serve complimentary various items with the wine such as potato chips, nuts, olives, breadsticks.

Only lasted till 7:00 pm in the city before we were flat out tired. Fell asleep mouth open on the way back to the hotel.





  1. Loved the stories of this day Anna! And great photos too! Looked and sounded like the perfect first day in Italy experience. 😀

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