Hello, Ariccia

Refreshed from a beautiful 10 hours of sleep, we were feeling good and ready to meet the rest of our group and head to Ariccia. We meet them and Cinzia, our program facilitator, at baggage claim in the airport. Then we got on a bus to Ariccia. It was about 40 min before we got to the Chigi Palace. The palace is awesome! I can’t wait to learn more about it’s history and explore the museum/art galleries. Our living quarters and campus classroom are located on the ground floor of the palace. When you walk in there is a living room and the campus classroom. Off to the right there is a kitchen and sitting area. There are 22 girls total and four bedrooms. I am in room Sienna. There are 6 girls in my room. I am very excited to get to know all of them! There is a bathroom down the hall with 4 showers/toilets and of course bidets. Apparently, in Italy it can not legally be called a bathroom if there is not a bidet. Here are some pictures of my nest and the campus classroom. Will post pictures of the living room and the kitchen later!

In attempts to keep us from sleeping we got a tour of our living area and we read aloud letters that past Chigi babies had written to us. Got us all really excited about this semester. Then a couple of us went to get coffee and walk around the town a little bit. I am blown away that I get to live in this beautiful place for 12 weeks. The big white building is the Chigi Palace aka my home (:

After unpacking, we met Maurizio! He is awesome. He has lived in Ariccia his whole life, even got married in the Chigi palace! He gave us quick walking tour of the town before dinner. He told us that Ariccia was famous for it’s sunsets and the first one did not disappoint.

We ate dinner at the BBQ lounge bar. It was not barbecue haha it was traditional italian and it was delicious! Mess and I sat with Linda, the director, Cinzia, Roberta (& her 5 year old daughter Victoria), and Abbi-Storm our TA. I can’t wait to get to know them all better. The staff is so incredible. I love them already.



  1. Thanks for the update and the pics are great!! love you and glad AU has provided you all with this incredible opportunity!! Love you !! Mom

  2. Amazing sunset! Ahhhh- Italy … the photos of Ariccia make me want to be there even more! You’re little nest looks nice – did you pack that blanket!? I have to say you had me rolling when I saw the pic of all the luggage but if you packed a blanket ….!! So great to see how happy you are and I’m so excited for you! If that was a calendar in the classroom you are going to be very busy – it looked full. Have a blast! Aunt Melany

    1. hahaha I can say I honestly did overpack but the blanket was worth it! Italy is amazing! Did not make it to the places you suggested in Rome yet, so when I go next weekend I am going to see them for sure!

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