First Full Day

Our first full day included mostly orientation: introduction to the campus facilities, academics, and first tour of the Chigi palace.

We also got to take our first trip to the supermarket! It is walking distance from the palace. Everything is so fresh and completely in Italian. On my first grocery trip I bought formaggio (cheese), proscuitto cotto (ham), salame (salami),  and pane (bread). I also bought eggs, yogurt, and some italian brand boxed cookies.

We also went out and ordered lunch for the first time. I learned that it is proper etiquette for you to walk in and wait to be seated and that it is not proper to separate the checks. We ate at the Sunflower restaurant and I had fettuccine al ragu. It was great. For dinner, 9 of us went to Oseteria Number 1. It was the best meal I have had so far! I had a pasta called Gricia. Will definitely be eating there again!!!!


  1. Yum!! Looks like all delicious food! I actually ate Pizza today from Johnny Brusco’s in your honor after seeing all the pics of Italian food! Thanks for the update! Love you! Mom

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