The Final Countdown

Only 5 more days in America before jet setting to Ariccia, Italy for 12 weeks!

I can not contain my excitement!! The day dreaming, wanderlust, and planning are all about to become reality! It all seems like yesterday that I was coaxing my new best friend freshman year to go on this study abroad trip with me… now we are boarding the plane to Rome in less than a week! I have decided to start this blog to appease my wonderfully involved mother and to keep you all updated on my travel and daily adventures. During my semester I look forward to soaking up the diversity and richness of european culture. I am in desperate need of learning survival Italian and I am so excited to have exposure to Italian design and fashion industries.

If you are interested in the program details and curriculum that I will be participating in, click on the link below:

Not only will Italy be my home for the next 3 months, but I will also have the chance to visit other places while I am overseas. Some destinations on my bucket list include: Paris, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Chamonix, Prague. The list could go on forever but I realize that I am unfortunately not superwoman.

The first of many challenges of the semester is packing!!!! I have been procrastinating, because I do not know how I am going to pack the obscene amount of clothes and shoes I want to take in a giant suitcase that is supposed to weigh 50 pounds. Will keep you posted!!



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